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Foundry Supplies and Equipment for Scrap Metal Processing

Maximize the value and efficiency of your scrap operation with foundry machinery. Whether you use metal extrusion, stamping, machining, cutting, fabricating and/or finishing, dependable foundry equipment from experienced suppliers can help you:

  • Reduce essential fluids and transportation costs
  • Decrease storage space and disposal burden of wet chips
  • Increase melt yields of recycled metal
  • Raise the overall value of your scrap metal

The Applied Recovery Systems (ARS) Foundry Series Briquette Press-constructed from the highest standard components for ferrous and non-ferrous metal processing and metal machining processes-offers you processing flexibility. Our metal foundry supplies and equipment can handle a wide variety of materials, including aluminum and copper scrap; cast iron borings; and steel, titanium, magnesium, bronze and brass chips. Designed to work in both foundry and general scrap metal processing environments, our foundry machines are among the most sophisticated for sale today and can meet the most demanding industry requirements.

Features of ARS Foundry Briquette Equipment

In addition to standard features of our briquetters, our foundry models also feature:

  • Horsepower-controlled variable displacement pumps to boost energy efficiency, saving you money in your metal processing efforts.
  • Parker Hannifin™ valve blocks with poppets to minimize hydraulic shock and metal material processing.
  • 14-in. and 16-in. main cylinders for maximum compression in your metal extrusion process.
  • Control diagnostics for maximum up-time in metal processing.
  • Optional tooling sizes for processing difficult-to-compress metal materials allowing a greater return on investment on your foundry machinery.
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ARS Supplies Metal Foundry Equipment to Variety of Processing Industries

As one of the leading suppliers of industrial briquetters, ARS can also help foundries improve re-melting of aluminum, cast iron, copper and steel scrap. Our company's metal foundry machinery is also ideal for automotive and aerospace metal processing, scrap yards and smaller job shops.

Learn more about our foundry equipment specifications, call us toll free at 1-800-577-3766 or send us an email. Ask for a referral list of satisfied users. Our customer service representatives are always happy to answer any questions you may have about foundry supplies and equipment and can recommend the best press to meet the needs of your foundry or metal shop.

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